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The North American Crude-by-Rail 2020 conference is seeking presentations that are broadly focused on the following key topics:

  • Latest crude oil volumes and transportation forecasts
  • New rail loading, offloading, and transloading developments
  • Reducing transportation costs and railroad pricing dynamics
  • Optimising existing rail infrastructure, storage points, and capacity
  • Addressing the issues of safety in crude oil transportation
  • Exporting North American crude oil to the international markets

The U.S. is experiencing a large increase in crude volumes, which has led to significant challenges in transporting crude oil efficiently and safely using traditional pipeline infrastructures. Oil producers have returned to rail as a means of transporting crude supplies between markets.

The rapid increase in "crude-by-rail" will likely increase the number of oil spills from rail transportation, which has raised both safety and environmental concerns, particularly underscored by a series of major incidents involving crude transportation by rail, including the catastrophic fire and explosion in Lac Mégantic, Quebec, Canada and a derailment in Casselton, ND which led to a mass evacuation. Government agencies in the United States and Canada have been working on new regulations related to oil transportation by rail, and some Members of Congress have called for tighter rules governing crude oil railcars as well as a broader reconsideration of the role of rail in oil transportation in the future.

Crude-by-Rail 2020 will be an opportunity for professionals engaged in this field to share their experiences and to exchange views. Presentations that focus on the current challenges in crude oil transportation and logistics with either a domestic or an international outlook, including updates on the recent developments are most welcomed, along with other relevant topics of timely interest.

Be a part of our multi-disciplined agenda…

The North American Crude-by-Rail 2020 forum will be an opportunity for all professionals engaged in relevant disciplines to report on their accomplishments and to exchange views. The event will have a unique emphasis on networking and building new relationships, including generating dialogue in technical know-how and to find new solutions for a challenging market. There will also be an opportunity to integrate with allied industries and to demonstrate an insight into new initiatives for mutual benefit.

Please consider participating in what is certain to be a highly productive experience with an opportunity to collaborate with industry experts in this fast-developing market.

Call for Presentations
If you would like to be a speaker at this event, please contact sean.collins@iQ-Hub.com with the subject heading “Call for Presentation - USCBR 2020”.

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